Collar Shapes:

Trace the stitching line by placing the template on the collar pieces a seam allowance from the upper and side edge of the collar. Trace with a thin tipped fabric marker, pencil, Hera marker or similar tool. After stitching the side and upper edge of the collar, trim/grade seam allowance, turn right side out. Use a point turner to get the tip of the collar point out the best that you can. Place the EZ ShirtMaker into the collar and work the seam to fit across the edges of the template and press. Ta da!! You have a beautiful collar.









Cuff Shape:

This is used for a right-angled shirt cuff. Put together the cuff per instructions on your pattern. The cuff portion of the template is used when the cuff is already made but not sewn closed. Next place the cuff portion of the EZ ShirtMaker template inside the cuff snug against the top and side edge. Press with the iron on top of the cuff with the template inside. The template will make a nice crisp rectangle shape for the cuff.











Shirt-Tail Hem Shape:

Not all patterns use a true shirt tail hem, but if your shirt tail matches the curve on the template you are in business. Sometimes you will see this curve in other pattern areas like a cuff on a jacket. Using a long stitch (3.5 for example) with thread tails 2-3 inches long stitch starting at an inch before the curve, ¼ inches from the edge, stitch the curve and about an inch past it. Place the template on the fabric matching the curve and a seam allowance away from the edge. Pull one of the thread tails so that it gathers up and over the edge of the template. You can secure the fabric with metal paperclips to hold the fabric on top of the template before you iron. Press with the iron, remove the template and clips and press again. Finish with your preferred hem technique or lining attachment.