Kickstarter for the Curve Runner!

Hello my sewing friends! I have my redesigned rolling ruler now on Kickstarter.  It was funded in the first 24 hours too, which means, I’ll start shipping the new rulers to the backers in July.  I have some really great prices for the first 50 that are going fast.  They  will retail for $ 16.99 plus shipping and handling.  My early bird special is $16.00 including shipping in the US.  That is about a $4.00 savings.  So click on the picture and get one with the good prices before they go.

I also wanted to thank my amazing sewing supporters that are helping right now getting the word out about this Kickstarter campaign.  David Coffin, the shirt making guru, has been a continual supporter and encourager for years now.

He has a new shirt making book out on Amazon you all should look at too. Click on his pick to take you to see it:  shirtmaking book

Sandra Betzina with Power Sewing has been in contact with me over the past few months and has actually given me her recommendation for this cool tool! Here is a link to her site:

Sandra Betzina

Sandra Betzina

Jan Reed with the Wooly Thread has been a godsend and helped keep the rulers available this past year she has also sent a shout out for this Kickstarter project! Check out her website, she has some really great things. The picture is the link:

Wooly Thread

Amy with Sewwell has just posted a review with her cute daughter and future sewer.  Amy not only is a wonderful sewer, but she has also been a continual supporter.  She has actually posted 3 fantastic reviews for my products. Be sure to join her blog; click on Sew well

New SA Curve Pattern Drafters! (Updated with Amazon)

AMAZON LINKS for the Pattern Drafters!

SA Curve 5/8th:

SA Curve 3/8th:

SA Curve 1/2″:

Thank you!

The all new version of the 5/8th, 3/8th and 1/2″  SA Curve Pattern Drafters are here!  Loads of details were used to make this new version.  The small end is rounded to make this ruler even sturdier. This was a weak point in the old version and they would arrive occasionally from the plastics company broken.  All of the lines were renumbered and recalibrated as well as some additional smoothing of the curve. This curve is also slightly smaller than the original  Pattern Drafters because a popular armhole French curve was used as the template for that portion.

The overall dimensions are approximately 16 inches long by 6 inches tall and 1/8th inch in thickness.
Use it for tracing the stitching line on typical patterns for accurate fitting and measuring. Use them to change/adjust the seam allowance widths when tracing patterns for your sewing needs. Of course, adding the seam allowance to the European patterns, like Burdastyle, Marfy, Ottobre, La Mia Boutique, etc. with SA Curve rulers is a delight.

This new version is easily recognized by the size circle in the lower left hand corner.

Fast, Accurate and made in the USA!!

More items in my Etsy shop:


Slideshow of Ruler Usefulness

Gracie says, “Check out the testimonials!”

Here are what people are saying about SA Curve Rulers:

I am a self-taught sewer with 37 years experience. I sew Burda, Knipmode, and other European patterns, including bra patterns and self drafted patterns that are especially sensitive to tiny changes – accurate seam allowances are essential.

I have traced with twin wheels, used rotary cutter guide arms, double pencil “holders” and even my own custom-constructed “Siamese twin” Sharpie markers. This beats every method hands down and allows me to use any marking tool or color my heart desires to mark the most accurate and consistent SA on any curved pattern. The method is super fast and accurate! The rulers are clear, with very useful markings.

It is a wonderful tool, and I am the happy owner of two SA curve rulers of each width. They were well worth the purchase price – I use them constantly. The site owner is wonderful and responsive – could not ask for a better product! Clearly (pun intentional) designed by a true sewer!


Hey Claire, I just wanted to let you know that I love using your ruler! I am working on an Ottobre pants pattern for my son and I was able to add the seam allowances so quickly. The pants are sewing up so well. I just wanted to let you know that I’m really happy with it!


Another notion review on Pattern Review:


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