Hello my sewing friends! I have my redesigned rolling ruler now on Kickstarter.  It was funded in the first 24 hours too, which means, I’ll start shipping the new rulers to the backers in July.  I have some really great prices for the first 50 that are going fast.  They  will retail for $ 16.99 plus shipping and handling.  My early bird special is $16.00 including shipping in the US.  That is about a $4.00 savings.  So click on the picture and get one with the good prices before they go.

I also wanted to thank my amazing sewing supporters that are helping right now getting the word out about this Kickstarter campaign.  David Coffin, the shirt making guru, has been a continual supporter and encourager for years now.

He has a new shirt making book out on Amazon you all should look at too. Click on his pick to take you to see it:  shirtmaking book

Sandra Betzina with Power Sewing has been in contact with me over the past few months and has actually given me her recommendation for this cool tool! Here is a link to her site:

Sandra Betzina

Sandra Betzina

Jan Reed with the Wooly Thread has been a godsend and helped keep the rulers available this past year she has also sent a shout out for this Kickstarter project! Check out her website, she has some really great things. The picture is the link:

Wooly Thread

Amy with Sewwell has just posted a review with her cute daughter and future sewer.  Amy not only is a wonderful sewer, but she has also been a continual supporter.  She has actually posted 3 fantastic reviews for my products. Be sure to join her blog; click on Sew well