AMAZON LINKS for the Pattern Drafters!

SA Curve 5/8th:

SA Curve 3/8th:

SA Curve 1/2″:

Thank you!

The all new version of the 5/8th, 3/8th and 1/2″  SA Curve Pattern Drafters are here!  Loads of details were used to make this new version.  The small end is rounded to make this ruler even sturdier. This was a weak point in the old version and they would arrive occasionally from the plastics company broken.  All of the lines were renumbered and recalibrated as well as some additional smoothing of the curve. This curve is also slightly smaller than the original  Pattern Drafters because a popular armhole French curve was used as the template for that portion.

The overall dimensions are approximately 16 inches long by 6 inches tall and 1/8th inch in thickness.
Use it for tracing the stitching line on typical patterns for accurate fitting and measuring. Use them to change/adjust the seam allowance widths when tracing patterns for your sewing needs. Of course, adding the seam allowance to the European patterns, like Burdastyle, Marfy, Ottobre, La Mia Boutique, etc. with SA Curve rulers is a delight.

This new version is easily recognized by the size circle in the lower left hand corner.

Fast, Accurate and made in the USA!!

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