SA Curve rulers are an accurate and easy tool for everything to do with seam allowances!

This ruler is great for adjusting patterns  for fit.        *Trace the stitching line on your patterns to make tissue fitting easier and sewing more accurate!  *Add seam allowances to European patterns like Marfy, Burda WOF and Ottobre
*Remove 1/8th, 1/4th, 3/8ths or all of an existing seam allowance*Add seam allowances to a newly drafted pattern or a design change to a pattern.
*Measure seams, particularly armhole curves and sleeves.
*Helps trace and add additional seam allowance width to Jalie and Kwik Sew patterns.    * Rotary cut curved lines smoothly.

Below are the SA Curve Pattern Drafters:

Prices are:

3/8th SA Curve Pattern Drafter is $19.50

5/8ths SA Curve Pattern Drafter is $19.50

Both Pattern Drafters are $34.50 plus S&H

My newest template is the EZ Pocket template. The EZ Pocket has seven of the most common pocket and cuff shapes. It has a Western shape at the top, 5 different radii and a 90 degree corner for square pockets and cuffs. Besides pockets and cuffs, this template is great for mandarin collars, collar stands, lower edge vents of shirts, pants and skirts and for tracing the fly front.

$15.95 retail price

EZ Shirt Maker has 3 collar styles, a large radius curve for shirt tails and cuffs and a 90 degree corner for square cuffs and pockets.

The EZ Shirt Maker is $16.95

Buy both templates for $28.50!


Happy Sewing!!